Tuesday, May 24, 2011

As Promised

Well now that the most stressful season is over, I shall continue on my previous post.

Anyway having posted 300 blog posts seemed to remind me that I have come a long way in blogging. Still remember the first time I actually blogged was in Poly Year 1 and it's been almost 7 years now!

I was actually contemplating to blog about 300 people in my life and dedicate a minimum of 300 words to each of them. But writing 90000 words is seriously NO JOKE! So yes, I'll try to write for as many of you as I can =)
Think I'll work backwards, writing to the people I've been working with most recently and see how far I can go!

1. Sarah

This is one person I know you can always rely on. Since the time I first got to work with you, your unwavering faith and confidence in Christ is always inspiring and I am definitely very blessed to have you as a co-leader and a friend despite having to juggle so many ministry commitments and your work and being the oldest sibling. Though we probably only got to know each other better in the last few years, but we sure have had many opportunities to work together.

It still seemed like yesterday when we worked together on the “Game of Life”. It was one of the very first times that amazed me at how efficient you can be and it was definitely a great time since having to partner you in many different ways.

The one thing that always awes me is how much respect you get especially from the younger ones who look up to you, in particular those who are being mentored by you. Your undivided love for them is evident from the common acknowledgement that Sarah is a “big sister” who goes out all the way to look after those under her care.

Your talent in worship is also one to thank God for, especially in blessing the communities around you. Your voice must undoubtedly be a God-given talent so please, do keep singing for God! And not to forget your many other talents such as drama productions, song writing etc. I believe many will agree with me that your chairing of ‘Captivated By Love’ would not have been a great success without the contribution from Grace and yourself!

Recalling the first time I heard the song CBL, I just knew that WRPF is so blessed to have you. And I pray that you’ll keep rolling out those songs as God leads you. Now that you’re in the working phase of your life, I really pray and hope that you’ll labor on with the favor and blessing of God especially in your work life. Thank God for you and I really appreciate you being a part of my life! God bless =)

2. Ethel

You are probably one of the first few people I actually knew when I first came to Serangoon Cell and WRPF. I can still recall so clearly the first time the door opened at your place and I was greeted with great enthusiasm and joy. The overwhelming welcome is always one of the simple reminders for me of the importance to equally love the members and guests around me.

Looking back at our friendship, it has been like 6 years and counting! And what more that you are the first few people I’ve known since I came to WRPF! I am always encouraged by your love for Jesus and your sensitivity towards God, especially when you are leading worships. It is always great to be able to hear the Lord speak and move in the Spirit.

Well I’m definitely glad that I have most, if not all, of our memories a pleasant one than not! And thank you really, THANK YOU for lending a listening ear and just being here to share my heart-felt burdens. I would have never thought it possible that I could share my thoughts with you, but I am definitely glad that I can and I have. You have had been a pillar of support to me especially a few years back coping with my issues.

It has been a journey seeing you move from season to season. From the period you were in Whitley to TP to now you working with kids, it’s nice to know that you are always hearing from God and moving in His plans.

And I pray and hope that in the days ahead, we’ll continue to enjoy this wonderful friendship we share. And there is just so much more lined up ahead for all of us, I’m sure God has it all planned out already! You have been a great friend and I pray that we’ll find opportunities to serve and enjoy God more and more in time to come! You are deeply appreciated =)

3. Elaine

I’ve only gotten to know you better a few years back when we were still in youth ministry’s Knights for Christ. It was always an encouragement to have you along with the rest stepping up to serve God as leaders, especially in leading the youth. I still remember the many of us I see in church when I first came, many whom were really quiet and keeping a low profile. And as I reflect on the individual journeys of faith, I am amazed at how God works and raises up a people for Himself.

And as for you, I continually thank God for you and being placed in the lives of many to be a blessing especially to me. I think it has been like 5 years since we first started working together in the Youth and one thing I’ve learnt from you is always to trust God and sometimes, doing nothing is the best solution to allowing God to do something.

Your ability to balance the different priorities in life has been inspiring and I always thought if I could spend a day sneak-peeking into your daily routine, I’m sure I’ll gain much in learning how to give my time to the different priorities. I thank God and also thank you for your willingness to be a mentor and a sister to so many of the younger ones in church and it is evident in your relationships with them!

Well you have been more than just a co-leader to me and being a friend to me, I can only say that I’m very blessed! Thank you for always encouraging me and giving your advices, it serves as a reminder for me that probably no other would give =)

I would think there’s so much more I can thank you of. Maybe words aren’t the best avenue for me to express my gratitude but trust me that I will always have this gratefulness in me, you have made a difference in my life.

4. Matthew

Hey matt, thank you for being a brother to me all these years! Your constant presence and support is very much appreciated and I will always miss and look forward to our guys’ nights out and stay overs! Who says only the girls can have fun having stay overs!

Interesting fact, do you recall how we got to know each other? Haha… If my memory has not failed me, I believe it was either being in the same worship team or when we started going lan lol… But anyway I’m glad our friendship has grown stronger than ever and I can safely say that you are probably one of my closest guy friends around and with you, I find support and comfort in sharing my heart’s concerns.

But thank you for being there to listen to me especially a few years back. Just to have you coming to meet me at Starbucks when you are in camp is just heartwarming and it just shows how great friend you are. It was definitely one of the most depressing seasons for me but I thank God that He sent you to be there for me. I never understood nor treasured people around me but having known you just changed everything!

Now that you are in Thailand and probably going to be in Sisterhood of Mary,  I pray that you  will find God in that very place and continue to be a blessing to those around you! And I have been reading the book you gave me and thanks for the thought. I really look forward to you returning and resuming our weekly prayer meetings.
And talking about that, thank you for expressing interest in coming for prayer meetings when you are back! I am praying and hoping for the greater works of God in our midst, especially in the young people! Can’t wait for you to get back! See you soon!

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